︎ Brook Hill Bothy
︎ Care
Agency: a 10-year choreography of architecture repair
︎ Platform for Reuse
︎ A Home for SINATRAHO
︎ Material Collectives
︎ Grandma Club

Installation, Exhibition
︎ Mount Rose Homestead
︎ Domestic Labor Drawings
︎ Atzitzicaztli
︎ Social Scaffolding
︎ From the catadores’ lens
︎ Do Not Donut
︎ Precipitate
︎ Making

︎ Atlas of Local Repair Ecologies
Tracking Trash
︎ Spatial Politics of Domestic Work
︎ On Repair
︎ Earth Architecture
︎ Evaluating La Esperanza
︎ bags

Teaching, Workshops, Symposia
︎ Re-practices
︎ Laboratory for Reparative Speculation
Crafting Narratives through Repair
Mending as World-Building
︎ Waste, Not Waste
︎ WiD Convergence

︎ Brook Hill Bothy: Ecological Sistering for a Multispecies Commons
︎ Sistered beams and other sisterings: a partial ongoing glossary
︎ RFC (Request for Care)
︎ After Trash: The Not-So-Brief and Wondrous Life of a Plastic Toy
︎ Tin Candid
︎ The Ecosystem of Waste: The Role of Waste Pickers and Street Vendors in Curbing Coastal Pollution at Carnaval in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil